Olivia D. Laird is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff with a BS degree in Biology.
She worked for the National Institute for Community Development (NICD) in Washington, DC for two years under contract with EPA as a Pesticide Product Specialist. After which she worked for twelve (12 years as a Pesticide Registration Specialist with EPA. in the  Disinfectants  -  Antimicrobial Branch (A. D.) For her last five years at the Agency, she was a Senior Assistant Product Manager concentrating primarily on the registration of  the Chlorinating Compounds, as well as handling the management end of registration for many other chemicals.

Olivia started the firm, formerly the Federal Regulatory Consultants, Inc. (FRC, lnc.) in  March 1987. as Vice  President. In December of 1991 she became principal owner and president and renamed the company Laird's Regulatory Consultants, Inc.

Every effort is made to ensure complete satisfaction.