Our Company

We at Laird Regulatory Consultants, Inc. are committed to providing comprehensive regulatory assistance to a diverse clientele throughout the United States and abroad. Focused on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state and local government. We are dedicated to providing regulatory guidance to a wide variety of clients who require  assistance with obtaining approval and maintenance of federal and state registration ensuring full compliance of each law in the required jurisdiction.


Why Us

    • We offer a complete spectrum of comprehensive regulatory consulting and intelligence services including:

      • Clinical trial applications
      • Marketing applications
      •  Publishing and submissions
      • Lifecycle management
      • Preclinical and CMC consulting
      • Agency interactions
      • Strategic consulting and intelligence
      • Quality review



Ø  Section 3 registrations with Federal EPA 

Ø  Additional brand names

Ø  Amendments to registrations

Ø  State registrations

Ø  Old and new chemical registration

Ø  Canadian registrations  

Ø  Compliance with child resistant packaging regulations.

Ø  Product label development if needed, reviews, and revisions to ensure compliance with EPA and other agencies.

Ø  Compliance with Data-Call-in and Label Improvement Notices, and much more.

Ø  Compliance, federal & local deadlines.

Ø  Screening test data to ensure compliance with EPA guidelines.

Ø  Preparing and filing petitions for food additive tolerances and  /or exemptions, and obtaining assistance with data-waivers with justifications as well as other special projects.